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The purpose of WTCS HSE Policy is to protect and respect all living beings and environment, which is the essence of our mission. Our management recognizes our HSE policy as the most effective management tool. Furthermore, our employees accept and apply the QHSE procedures and instructions in their daily work.

Our HSE guidelines can be summarized as follows ;

  • We take proactive measures to prevent accidents

  • We prepare reactive measures in order to minimize the possible effects of casualties 

  • We record accidents to obtain meaningful and beneficial outcomes

  • We practice internal audits for HSE

  • We plan and practice HSE trainings for employees

  • We understand the HSE policies and targets of our customers

  • We control the waste originating from our activities in order to minimize the environmental impacts

  • We optimize the utilization of resources and energy

  • We ensure that any new businesses and projects that we employ will agree with HSE policy

  • We arrange, maintain and develop our working environment in compliance with healthy working conditions

  • We all undertake to act in accordance with our HSE policy as stated above

QHSE Manager, WTCS

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